Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Stallion Guide Information

Fox Trotter Stallion Guide Information

It's a simple fact. All stallions standing at stud should be listed on the Internet. Mare owners do not breed their mares to studs they have never heard about. It seems most everyone is on the Net these days and bookings do come from having been seen on the Internet. Mare owners are looking on the Web for the next stud to breed to their mares, shouldn't your stallion be seen?

You do not need an email address or web site to be in the Foxtrotter WebRing's Stallion Guide.

What you get when listing your stallion with the Foxtrotter WebRing's Stallion Guide:

Each stallion has his own web page with up to 5 photos, his pedigree and description, stud fees (or private treaty) and your contact information. You can elect to have 1 or 2 photos of the stallion and the remainder of them to be of his offspring.

Each web page will be added to the Foxtrotter WebRing and other appropriate rings that will bring the page the most visitors possible.

Each stallion page will be listed on the Foxtrotter WebRing's Stallion Guide page and on the ring's Foxtrotters by Location page.  Each page will be listed in the WebRing's Hub pages. In the near future, they will also be listed in their own equine color categories, so that a person looking for a certain color stallion may find them easier.

I will give you your stallion's page URL (or web page address), so you can give everyone your horse's URL (address) in your emails, on message boards or in any of your advertisements! He will have the same URL for as long as he is listed in the Foxtrotter Stallion Guide. He can be found and seen all of the time, 24 hours a day, everyday of the week!


$60.00 per year, (just $5.00 per month).
Multiple stallion discounts are available.


You may email your photos. I prefer them sent as JPG files, but I will accept the following image formats: JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP. If you do not have a scanned photo, I will do that for you at no extra charge, but if you send them by US mail and want to have them returned you must send a self addressed stamped envelope for the return your photos.

When sending photos, please indicate which photo is your favorite, as it will be the main photo of the page and will be larger and posted in the most prominent position on your stallion's page.

Stallion Description:

Please send your stallion's description along with the photos. You may include whatever you want to say about him, including but no limited to his show and or trail accomplishments, his offspring's accomplishments, his personality traits and temperament. You might want to mention the colors and sizes of his foals and if he sires blue papered foals. Please limit your description to 200 words or less.

His size, birth date, breeding fee and if AI is available will be posted under his main photo and will not be counted as part of the 200 words in the description.

Pedigree Information:

Each stallion may have his pedigree displayed. The pedigree will show his parents, grand-parents and great grandparents, (or 4 generations, including the stallion himself).  If you want his pedigree displayed, please send either a copy of his papers or send the information detailed carefully so I get the right horses listed in the right places as parents, grand-parents and great grandparents. 

Payment Information:

For more information contact Sherry at foxtrotters@horsemail.com.
I get a lot of SPAM, so please include Stallion Guide Info in your subject line, as I do not want to delete your email by mistake.

Forms of payment accepted: Personal Check, Money Order, and Credit Cards through PayPal.  Payment must be received before work will begin. Please allow 10 days for personal checks to clear the bank before expecting work to begin. Work will begin immediately for all other forms of payment.

Please make payment to:

Pleasure Gait Farms
Sherry Hartley
9235 County Road 523
Senath, MO 63876
phone: 573-738-2076
email: foxtrotters@horsemail.com

If you would like to pay with a credit card, I do accept them through PayPal's safe and secure online service.

Just click the button link below to pay through PayPal, it will open in a new window.

To see examples of stallion pages, please take a moment to visit the stallion pages below: 

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