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If you do not know what bandwidth theft means, then PLEASE read this entire page BEFORE you take an image from this site.

IMPORTANT! Please upload images to your own server. Please do not reference them directly from this site.

Images used on your site or page must be saved to your computer and server and not referenced in your html code to the images located on our server.

Making IMG calls to images located on our site from your html documents is considered bandwidth theft. Please do not use our image URLs, please use your own.

To clarify this in case you do not understand, don't write your html code like this...
<img src="">
Save the image file you are using to your own server and write your html code like this instead...
<img src="">
Right clicking on an image and then going to properties, highlighting the URL address, copying and then pasting the image URL into a forum page, message board, auction, web site or any place on the web is bandwidth theft. You should choose "Save As" and save it in your computer. Then find a host that will allow you to upload it to their server and give you an URL address of your own to use.

Perhaps you do not have a server. In that case here are places that will host your images for you for free or for very reasonable fees. Click their names to visit their image hosting sites.
Image Shack  |  Pix Host  |  Alka Space
Photo Bucket  |  Free Image Hosting Info  |  Image Sticky

For WebTV users, please click below for a Transloader and Transloader help.
Transloader  |  MSNTV Scrapbook Uploader  |  Web Scissors

What is Bandwidth?
It is a data transmission rate; the maximum amount of information (bits/second) that can be transmitted along a channel. Each time a file like a page, image, clipart, animation or midi is loaded from a site, it is using a certain amount of resources or bandwidth. You can also think of bandwidth similar to the electricity it takes to run your refrigerator. When someone links directly to an image on someone else's server, (instead of copying it to their own computer and then uploading it to their own server) it is similar to your neighbor running an extension cord over to your electrical outlet to run his own refrigerator. While it is convenient for him, it is the person that has the plugin that has to pay for the extra usage.

The End of Free Clipart Sites?
Most website host providers set a limit to the amount of bandwidth a site may use each month and after that limit is reached, a site may be closed and the webmaster may have to pay a large bill before they can open their site again. Most free clipart and animations sites can not afford this and many are forced to close permanently. Many are already gone and this one may also have to close. Free clipart and animations sites may very soon be a thing of the past.

How You Can Help
You can do your part to help this site and all free clipart and animation sites stay open and free by not stealing bandwidth. You can also help by educating others on your favorite message boards about bandwidth theft.

Below is a list of links to help you explain it to them:

What is an URL?
URL stands for Uniform Record Locator - This is the address that is used to locate web pages on the Internet. On the Web, an URL may address a web page file, image file, or any other file supported by the HTTP protocol. It's format for a web page/site is usually something like this:
or this:
And something like this for image URLs:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not want to be embarrassed by one of the signs below showing up on your site instead of the image you have displayed, then DO NOT use our image URLs. Periodically, we change our image's names and replace them with one of these. If you are using our URLs instead of your own, a "Bandwidth Theft" sign may show up on your site when you least expect it.

bandwidth theft notice 1
bandwidth theft notice 2
bandwidth theft notice 3     bandwidth theft notice 4

bandwidth theft notice 5

bandwidth theft notice 6

We have a site tracker and logs that show us the exact pages where our images are being displayed. Sites stealing bandwidth will be reported to their website, message board, email and/or auction host service providers! Please read their rules, and terms of service. Most of them suspend members permanently for bandwidth theft.

Please consider this a forewarning.
Please upload images to your own server.
Please DO NOT use our image URL on your pages.
It is not our goal in life to embarrass you.

If you have read this page and you still do not know what bandwidth theft is, then please do not use our graphics.
Thank you!

Please read our Copyright and Terms of Use pages.