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Dusty Travelin Warrior
We call him "Warrior"
MFTHBA reg# 00-64279 & SSHBEA reg# 10001028
Please click on any of the small pictures to see the larger versions.

Dusty Travelin Warrior with his dam, War Trace's Stroke Of Luck
Photo above taken at about one week old,
shows "Warrior" with his dam.

Dusty Travelin Warrior - right side    Dusty Travelin Warrior - left side & back    Dusty Travelin Warrior - right side & front    Dusty Travelin Warrior - left side & ink spots/paw prints

Born April 10, 2000 - 15'1 hands

~ SOLD ~

Warrior is a beautiful, blue papered, black & white spotted, double homozygous tobiano stallion. Blood typed as homozygous for the tobiano gene (TOTO) and also homozygous for the black-factor gene (EE). Blood type on file with MFTHBA for use as a stallion. Both his sire and dam are double registered and black/white spotted. He is double registered in both the MFTHBA and the SSHBEA. He has lots of gait, a natural foxtrot and the kindest, sweetest disposition you can find! He is eager to please, smart and learns fast! Click here for photos of his sire.

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Dusty Travelin Warrior's Pedigree
Some of his ancestor's photos can be viewed below by clicking their names.
Missouri Traveler E.
Missouri Senator
Missouri's Play Girl
Senator's Travelin Dan
Sunny's Mike
Betty Grable
Julie Belle
Dusty Traveler
Gold Boy
Reeve's Tony
Tiny Reeves
Reeves' Sandy
Walker's Merry Lad
Merry Legs
Old Spotty
Blue Mack
War Chief S.
War Feather
Cimmarron War Trace
Zane's Dude
Zane's Blue Columbine
Cadillac's Blue Topsy
War Trace's Stroke Of Luck
Perfection's Renegade
Renegade's Apache Magic
Zane's Milky Way C.
Apache's Travelin Beauty
Blue Pedro
Pedro's Invaders Jubilee
Invader's Jubilee

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