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Dusty Traveler Poems

We would like to thank the very talented Simone Byrne of Australia 
for the beautiful poetry written especially for Dusty. Thank-you Simone!

The ‘Dusty Traveler’ Show
(For Chuck, Sherry & Dusty!)

They say, “To ride one is to own one”, Fox Trotters are simply grand! And when it comes to gentle souls, this breed is greatly in demand,

But there is one who holds a special place within our humble hearts, He is a mesmerizing stallion, known as ‘Dusty’ round these parts.

Well Dusty hails from a Missouri Stud, its name, Pleasure Gait Farms, And there he cares for many horses, always keeping them from harm,

He has a heart that’s surely golden, looks just like a movie star, And he will captivate you with his charm, no matter who you are.

So as you watch him, listen carefully and you will surely hear, A symphony of pure enchantment, as the magic does appear,

Yes, it will carry you to breathless heights, you’ll gladly hum along, And join the chorus of the breeze performing Dusty Traveler’s song.

He is the perfect blend of harmony, where black and white combine, And he just loves to orchestrate and bob his head along in time,

And with his captivating eyes, he’ll have you caught under his spell, Yes pretty soon as Dusty dances, you’ll be tapping toes as well.

They say, “To ride one is to own one”, Chuck and Sherry do agree, For they have proof that angels do exist, on earth amongst the free,

So if you ever hit Missouri, just be sure and say hello, And they will happily present for you, The ‘Dusty Traveler’ Show.

Vagabond 11th June, 1998.

Terror in the Night
(Dusty Traveler’s Accident)

It was a night like any other, well it seemed that way at first, Trucks were roaring down the highway, in attempt to quench their thirst,

A stranger rose from out of nowhere, with a rope and lust for crime, And made his way towards the stallion, only one thing on his mind.

The stallion stood there ever silently, no hint of flight nor fear, Just watching with a fascination, as the darkened shape came near,

He didn’t flinch, the stranger haltered him, as easy as could be, And led him straight across the highway, with the goods he’d got for ‘free’.

But in an instant something happened, ‘scape could not be guaranteed, And with a thrust of sudden power and a burst of sudden speed,

The horse broke free and let his instincts take him quickly into flight, In hope to leave the stranger far behind, just standing in the night.

Through the darkness came a thunder clap, but storms were not around, A truck had hit the precious stallion, as he tried to run his ground,

And like the coward that he was, the stranger fled into the black, Leaving the ailing horse to die, the victim of his selfish act.

A phone call woke the stallion’s owners and they feared the very worst, And when they found him lying helplessly, the tears began to burst,

The Sheriff drew his cold revolver, time had come to put him down, A crowd of horrified onlookers, now began to mull around.

But the horse had other thoughts, he wasn’t ready yet to die, And as his loving owners wept, he slowly opened up his eye,

And with a nuzzle, then a monstrous snort that blew a frothy cloud, He stretched his foreleg out and stood, applause erupted from the crowd.

Now though he’d just been dragged through hell, his solo thought was for his mares, And so he looked across the field and met their worried silent stares,

He had a hole within his cheek, but broken bones were not to be, And with some several weeks of T L C, no sign of injury.

The years have passed and Dusty Traveler, is none the worse for wear, But you can bet within the night he keeps the darkness fixed in stare,

And what about the silent stranger that did cause this painful fright? Well I for one hope that he trembles, full of terror in the night!

Vagabond 11th June, 1998.

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