The Bay Sabino Filly
Please see her pedigree below.
You can see some of her ancestors by clicking on their names.
Missouri Traveler E.
Missouri Senator
Missouri's Play Girl
Senator's Travelin Dan
Sunny's Mike
Betty Grable
Julie Belle
SIRE: Dusty Traveler
Gold Boy
Reeve's Tony
Tiny Reeves
Reeves' Sandy
Walker's Merry Lad
Merry Legs
Old Spotty
Bay Sabino Filly
Missouri Traveler E.
Missouri's Ozark Traveler
Mozark Traveler
Mr. President
Flaming Dawn B.
Scarlet Rose B.
DAM: Buckskin Bambi
Toddy's Perfection
Perfection's Renegade
Go Boy's Lil
Perfection's Mist Rose
Shannon Lad
Shannon's Charming Cindy
Governor's Souix

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