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Foxtrotter Trail Mares For Sale
~ SOLD ~

Both the mares below have been imprinted from birth and professionally trained; they load, clip and shoe easily. The mares have plenty of trail miles on them; these girls willingly cross-belly high streams and go off the beaten path through rugged terrain when asked. If you are looking for real eye-catching horses that are ready to ride today, give us a call and check these mares out. Phone: 573-856-4152

sorrel sabino foxtrotter trail mare #1     sorrel sabino foxtrotter trail mare #2

~ SOLD ~

5 year old blue-papered Missouri Fox Trotter mare; 14.3 hands, classy mover, sorrel sabino color. Her sire is Dusty Traveler. A joy to ride!

black and white spotted foxtrotter trail mare #1     black and white tovero foxtrotter trail mare #2

5 year old blue-papered Fox Trotter mare; 15.3 hands; unusual black and white rabicano coloration; mellow, easy-going. She is three quarter sister to homozygous Pure Luck and may be homozygous herself. Her sire is Dusty Traveler.

~ SOLD ~
Contact: Ken and Liz Morris
Lonesome Hollow Farm
Rt. 1, Box 116N
Patterson, MO 63956
Phone: 573-856-4152
Email: elmor5@lycos.com

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