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tobiano horse with ink spots

Tobiano owners interested to determine whether their horses are homozygous for the tobiano-spotting gene need to assemble several kinds of information. The following information taken together can be used to provide evidence for true breeding (homozygosity) for tobiano:

Pedigree:� both parents must be tobiano.

Phenotype: secondary body spotting ("ink spots,� paw prints, cat tracks") often present.

Test breeding:� no solid color offspring from solid color mates.

Studbook data:� no solid color offspring.

Genetic marker analysis: research at UC Davis has shown it is often possible to follow the inheritance of the tobiano chromosome in pedigrees through analysis of records of parents and offspring for linked genes (ALB and GC).�� (Occasionally the parent' markers will not allow a conclusive analysis, so owners will need to use test breeding results or studbook data for zygosity determination).

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