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Gaited Horses Ring

Welcome to the Gaited Horses Ring!
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Welcome to the Gaited Horses ring. This ring was designed to promote the many, wonderful gaited horse breeds. Join the ring and let everyone know about the versatility, beauty, and incredibly smooth gaits of your favorite gaited horse breed. This ring is open to Missouri Fox Trotters, Paso Finos, Peruvian Pasos, Icelandics, American Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walking Horses, Racking Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses and any and all of the breeds that perform a smooth four beat gait! Sites will be monitored to insure that their content is dedicated to these breeds. Any website containing profanity or adult material will be rejected. If you have a site relating to the Gaited Horses ring, this ring welcomes you and hopes you will join us in promoting the gaited horse. This is a FREE service!

Webrings are a great concept for promoting websites free of charge. Conceived and developed to unite sites having similar content, sites are linked together to create a "Ring". This allows browsers on the Internet to find gaited horse sites quickly and easily, rather than scanning through pages and pages of miscellaneous horse related sites generated by search engines. This is a great way to gain exposure for your gaited horse farm or ranch.

On any WebRing, similar sites are grouped together in rings and each site is linked to another by a simple navigation bar. Rings are created and maintained by the Ring Master, who determines the look and feel of the ring, approves content, and encourages others to join.

To be eligible for this ring you must have a website with gaited horses in the content. Sites containing nudity, profanity, or any kind of "adults only" material will be rejected.

To join this ring, click here. Fill in the form that appears with the URL, title, and description of your site. Your application to join the Ring will be sent to the Ring Master, who will approve or deny your application. You will be notified of the Ring Master's decision via email.

In the meantime, install the ring's navigation code. Be sure to use the exact URL (web page address) you entered on the application form.

After submitting, you should receive an automated email with a link to the page with your custom navigation code. Cut and paste the code onto the exact page URL you submitted when applying for membership to this ring.

The Ring Master can not approve your application unless you have the navigation code installed on the page URL you submitted.

Adminstrate your ring or get the HTML Ring Code for your Website

Enter your Website ID:

Enter your Password:

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For help using FrontPage: click here.
For help with Cut & Paste: click here.

Important: After you have added the navigation code to your page, please e-mail the Ring Master and ask to be added to the ring. Be sure to include your site's name and URL. The Ring Master will want to look at your site to confirm that it meets the criteria for addition to the ring and to make sure the navigation code on your page will be working O.K.
After approving your site, the Ring Master will transfer your site from the waiting area or "queue" and add it to the ring. You should then receive another computer generated e-mail telling you that you have been added.

That's it! You should now be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page.

Please submit the exact URL of the page on which the ring's navigation code will appear.

READY TO SUBMIT? click here: Submit

The navigation code looks like the one below. This one is completely functional, so give it a try by clicking on "next" or "previous".

Gaited Horses Ring logo






Broken navigation codes are automatically suspended from the ring.

Your site should remain in the ring with no problems as long as the code remains in place on the exact page you submitted.


Hold your left mouse key down across the body of the Navbar to highlight it. Then release the key - click "edit" on your browser's toolbar and select "copy." Place mouse pointer at the insertion point of your document, (where you want the Navbar to go) and click. Then go back to "edit" on your browser's toolbar and click "paste."

The "cut & paste" moves the entire Navbar at once. Still having problems with cut & paste? Try clicking here.

Please help us promote the gaited horse and this ring by placing a text link to us on your site using the following code.

<a href="">Gaited Horses Ring</a>


The Ring Master reserves the right to reject and/or remove any sites from the ring that do not meet the criteria or any sites that contain nudity, "adult's only" material, or profanity of any sort.

The Ring Master is not responsible for the content of any pages in this ring and does not endorse any pages or sites in this ring.

If you are having problems adding your ring code please ask a friend or a professional to add the code to your page for you. Please do not underestimate the power of having someone else solve your HTML problems quickly, painlessly, and cheaply.
The Ring Master cannot do this for you, so if you need help please get it where you can. Here's a list of website designers: Web Design

Thank-you for your interest!

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