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Free Webpage and Design Special!

Yes ~ Free!
Complete webpage to promote your stallion or mare!
No hidden charges.

I will develop and design a webpage totally free of charge
for anyone who owns a son or daughter of any one of the
Pleasure Gait Farms' stallions.

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To qualify for this free offer:

1.   You must own a son or daughter of one of our stallions;
Dusty TravelerPure LuckVanilla-N-Ice, or Noddin Noggin.
Proof of ownership must be provided by supplying a copy of registration papers both front and back.

2.   That son or daughter must be included in the free webpage, but it does not have to be the only horse featured on your page. You may want to offer stallion services and/or horses for sale, etc.

3.   You supply up to 5 photos. You either send them via email, or by the US post office, (if you want me to scan them for you). At least one photo must be of the horse sired by one of our stallions. A self addressed stamped envelope must be included for the safe return of your photos.

4.   You supply all the text, (what you want to say, stud fees, descriptions of horses, your contact information and etc) by sending it in an email to: foxtrotters@horsemail.com.

5.   Tell me what colors you would like for your webpage.

6.   Pleasure Gait Farms will trade links with your new page and a link will be placed on our links page.

7.   Your page will be placed on Tripod's Free hosting server and your URL, (webpage address) will be your name choice plus tripod.com - For example:   http://yourname.tripod.com
Your name choice is subject to availability, but I will do my best to get you the name you want or the closest possible.

8.   Your new page will be added to the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse WebRing.

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For more information:   Email - foxtrotters@horsemail.com
Important: This offer shall be null and void should any disputes arise.
This offer may be cancelled at anytime.
Copyright � 2000-2003. All rights reserved.

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