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1.   For 6 days a week we keep an accurate record of our daily food, writing down each calorie eaten. Calorie count to be less than 1200. We recommend writing it down as we eat it, don't wait until the end of the day and try to remember. It makes it too easy to fudge on the calories that way. Keep a running tally of our calories do a sub total with every meal and snack, lets us know where we stand in calorie count all day. Weigh and measure food that is not pre-packaged so as to calculate calories precisely.

2.   Avoid all unhealthy foods or snacks. Such as sweets and foods high in fats including fast food burgers and all fried foods. Nuts in moderation only. No more than an ounce per day. Eat a balanced diet.

3.   Keep a journal or note pad handy to jot down those foods that you have felt deprived of eating for the last 6 days.

4.   Weigh on Friday mornings.

5.   The Freedom Day will be Saturday. On holiday weeks we will change Freedom Day to the hoilday.

6.   Most important rule of all. On our Freedom Days refer to your deprived of and craving list and choose from that list the foods that you really wanted during the week, and enjoy them without any quilt no matter how much weight you gain by eating all that food on Freedom Day....

Footnote:   We know we have health issues and share Dad's genes with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart trouble, diabetes and colon cancer. On Mother's side of the family high blood pressure, cancer, and strokes. So we know that this is not just about losing weight. It is about regaining our health and living healthy enough to enjoy a very long life. Not being a burden on our families.