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We are interested in registering Hartley's Champagne Sparkles and Noddin Noggin with your registry.
We bred and raised both of them as well a Beauty's Rising Star - C.F.T.R.. They were all born with sky blue eyes that turned amber brown by the time they were a year old.

The mare below is Beauty's Rising Star - C.F.T.R.
Registered MFTHBA #85-26719

Beauty's Rising Star - C.F.T.R

The mare below is a daughter of the mare above
Hartley's Champagne Sparkles MFTHBA #97-52514
Hartley's Champagne Sparkles

The stud colt below is a 2001 son of Hartley's Champagne Sparkles
His name is Noddin Noggin MFTHBA #01-68634
golden champagne foxtrotter 2001 stud colt, Noddin Noggin

Below is Noddin Noggin with his dam Hartley's Champagne Sparkles 
golden champagne fox trotting 2001 stud colt, Noddin Noggin

Below is Hartley's Champagne Sparkles Pedigree:
Please note that the champagne color comes from the horse Royal Rawhide MFTHBA #F-1255.
Gold Boy
MFTHBA #2077, Wayne's Beauty MFTHBA #F-10807 and Beauty's Rising Star were all gold champagnes. We owned Wayne's Beauty and we knew the horse Gold Boy who was owned by Walker Christian of Arvin, California. Gold Boy's sire, Royal Rawhide was the son of Tony & Bess and he was a full brother to a better known (thought to be champagne) horse, Yellow Jacket.

Zane Grey
Missouri Traveler E.
Lady Anne
Missouri's Ozark Traveler
Rocket Dare
Mozark Traveler
Magic Fox H.
Mr. President
Candy H.
Flaming Dawn B.
Scarlet Rose B.
Hartley's Champagne Sparkles
Midnight Mack K.
Mack Knight G.F.
Sun's Grey Lady
Mack K's Star
Midnight Sun
Son's Satellite
Wilson's Merry Belle 
Beauty's Rising Star - C.F.T.R.
Royal Rawhide
Gold Boy
Mary Dixie
Wayne's Beauty

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